Monday, February 28, 2005

Amazing the way the "bad" one works

Cos it goes again the way i am to put my human nature down, and let the spirit take control of all i do..
Cause when those trials come, my human nature, shouts the thing to do, and God's soft prompting may be easily ignored...

Thinking about what hapened today, how I got little annoyed and how pride comes in the way, it is always important to remember that everything is done for God.. God help me to remember!!!
The next few weeks will be really a challenge. I do need to be able to multi task well and be level headed... It will all work well.:)

Saturday, February 26, 2005

Trying out the foto thing.. hopefully it works! Posted by Hello

We do need eggs

thought of that old joke, you know, this-
this-this guy goes to a psychiatrist and
says, "Doc, uh, my brother's crazy. He
thinks he's a chicken." And, uh, the
doctor says, "Well, why don't you turn
him in?" And the guy says, "I would, but
I need the eggs." Well, I guess that's
pretty much how how I feet about
relationships. You know, they're totally
irrational and crazy and absurd and ...
but, uh, I guess we keep goin' through it
because, uh, most of us need the eggs.

This is from "Annie Hall", a movie by woody allen. I must say
I didnt really like it ..Its kind of sad and depressing.. But think
the last part is quite true though, one sometimes go through
the motion not because they like it.. but really because they
aren't sure if they can live without it. Can I???
Can I not need the eggs?

Its a lazy Saturday afternoon today, I've got lots to do,
it just isnt with me right now,thats alright, Not upset with
this time that I can rest!:)Got a little cold now,been not at
the pink of health for a long time.. Not sure why so though?

Okie, just some thoughts down then.

It's a happy day, and I thank God for the weather,

It's a happy day, and I am living for my Lord,

It's a happy day, and things are gonna get better,

Living Each day by the promises of God's word....

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Parents... do we become clones of them?

I dun believe i am writing this.. I have been against this "bolg" thing for a while.. How can you write stuff like these down? I mean.. hmm., arent these stuff for the diary.? Oh wells. I shall just write it down.. a place to articulate my thoughts...
Anyway my parents just had an argument. Not anything out of the ordinary.. If anything, I am just worried that I will become like her.. and i dun really want to... Not that she is bad.. I admire and respect her for what she does. But the temprement. When I get married, I do want to respect, cherish my partner.. really worried that I am incapacble of doing that... God Help me.
Went to sentosa today. Had a good time. went for a tan and cycling.. burnt now.. Not been burnt for a while have i ..
OKie, I can't believe that the last time I wrote a post was soooo long ago. In fact i forgot all about it. But thats alright.. I shall see how this go.
God help me but I have to do my assignment now.. Thank you for a good break.