Saturday, August 16, 2014


So much growing up
In this metropolis
Everything from the flutter to the shatter.

Coming to this city with many different special people.
Special memories made

New buildings appear, old tradesmen slowly disappearing. 
Life goes on, Time waits for no one

To stay brave. 
Remember God as my anchor
And to remember to smile every once in a while.. 

Friday, August 15, 2014

Home away from home

Waiting to board.. Should be soon. On my way to Bangkok to catch up with some people, as well as spend time with the darling. 

Coming back home(Singapore) has been mostly sweet. Little bitter but mostly sweet. But now that I've felt most emotions and processed them, I am able to talk about it. 

All those babies! Lovely new lives. It's funny to come home to 5 new babies in my life. All from people that I consider very dear in my life. Almost feels instant since I was not around to see them pregnant... :) very cute. Yet also a big big responsibility.... Thinking and praying for the new mommies in my life.

A 2 yr gap in life. It feels strange to come back home after 2 yrs. things that I think are recent are around 2-3 yrs ago. Not recent at all! I want to be back more often. Else this will all be very foreign. Oh well. God, you know the desires f my heart....

One's path and walking through it. Few years ago, I thought I knew what it means to choose differently. However, there are aspects that I have not thought about... I am currently trying to reconcile and live bravely. 

Ok, this is it for now. Time to board. Lots of love for now! Photo of breakfast with father... One of the things I miss most!