Wednesday, January 28, 2015

mama chai chee

Talking about Muppets, reminds me of you
Of sleeping on the tilam, in the little hall
Memories are hazy, I was very young,
But memories feel good, puts a smile on my face.

I miss you mama, and making tepong
I watched some Peranakan short video,
And immediately thought of you.
The rojak language, English, Chinese Dialect, Malay all rolled into one.

"Chikek Dara" you would say -
Whenever I did something annoying.
But the anger lasts for a short while
and it would be good again :)

The years I know you are now outnumbered by those I don't.
What would you think about my life?
Would this remind you of what you used to tinker on the piano -
"trust and obey"?

My personification of nice
to the anger of my mom.
Thank you for being special
I think of you still. 

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Blessed are the peacemakers.

It's breaking my heart. 
The aftermath of Charlie Hebdo. 
Killing is never right, whatever the cause...
But it happens. Some kill for money, others kill for power. Who should be surprised that some kill for their God?  

I am wired to fight for the underdogs. 
At this point, it involves the Muslims living in Europe. 
As a foreigner. I get it. The frustration of being the other. 
Killing is never right. But so is prejudice. 

The widespread anger towards a people group - It's dangerous. 
The Monday marches however peaceful - It's hurting.
Churches burning in Niger, for the sins of liberal atheists. Messed up. Very messed up. 

How does peace making look like? 
What does it mean to love? 
My heart is breaking. 
For the lines drawn in the sand. 

We are here today, but gone tomorrow. 
What kind of legacy? What kind of words? 
To live boldly in the midst of pain and suffering.
To be a light in the midst of darkness - and to find solace in one bigger. 

Wednesday, January 07, 2015

Something to remember

The darling wrapping a self picked gift. Funny, imperfect n heart warming.,;)
Good to remember the sweet moments.

Tuesday, January 06, 2015

Beetle growing up

Small little one is growing. Very quickly. Still thankful for her!