Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Late night musings

My heart breaks a little
At 3am
For who i once was
N who i dont know i am

Surreal to be with familar people
Yet to be in a room not my own
To have memorabilia
But not have them feel like mine

My family, a big part of my heart
I cant fix it, it is what it is
To love and not expect change
To see flaws but not critique

How long do we have this moment
This stolen suspended-in-time moment
I cherish the simple day to day stuff
Yet mourn its impending end

3am thoughts r not particularly bright
My God seems far yet i know he is here
He redeems in ways i dont see
And gives in ways i dont expect

A broken and contrite heart
You will not despise
Teach me to look to you
In my joys, pains and worries